About Us

Traditional Arts Association is a nonprofit civil organization established in 2007. It aims at ensuring the development of traditional arts in Turkey, contributing to its promotion, spreading art awareness, supporting education and production within this domain and gathering the practicing academicians, artists, students and other interested people in traditional arts under one roof.

Traditional Arts Association, who made a high devotion for a vigorous, sound and efficient promotion of traditional arts including calligraphy (husni hat), illumination (tezhip), binding (cilt), marbling (ebru), miniature, tiling (çini), paper filigree (kaatı'), hand-drawing (kalem işi) and all other branches since the day it was established, is executing activities of organization and publication in purpose to make these arts meet the value they deserve and transfer them to next generations.

The association also works in purpose of promoting the artists and academicians who spend efforts for the development of our deep-rooted traditional arts and transferring their works to art lovers.