Hikmet Barutçugil

Hikmet Barutçugil was born in the Turkish province, Malatya in 1952. He started his education in textiles major in Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts, The School of Applied Industrial Arts. He grow interest in the art of calligraphy due to the encouragement he received from Prof. Emin Barın, who he met during the first year of his university education. Shortly after he started studying calligraphy, Barutçugil discovered the art of marbling and his love towards this art eventually became the love of his life. During his education years, he worked alone and constantly developed himself in arts.

Following his graduation from the Academy as a textiles designer in 1977, Barutçugil concentrated his efforts on the art of marbling. He continued his research efforts without any breaks in London, where he stayed for his postgraduate studies between 1978-1981. He always believed that our traditional arts should embrace a new dynamism and he approached marbling as a science with an ambition to develop it. He also believed that ‘it is a duty to live in order to keep this art living’, he developed new techniques in marbling by using various materials, from daily tools to materials used in interior architecture.

Barutçugil tried new marbling techniques never seen before, establishing his own marbling style known as “The Barut Ebru”, a discovery named after him as a sign of respect.

He organized a lot of exhibitions, courses and seminars both in Turkey and abroad in purpose of promoting and spreading Turkish marbling art. He still continues his education efforts in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Traditional Arts Department of Marmara University, ‘Ebristan’ Atelier and some other educational institutions. He received a lot of highly prestigious international awards and some of his works are in constant display in world-famous museums and private collections, including British Museum.

He participated in many TV programs about Ebru art and gave interviews published in various magazines. Hikmet Barutçugil has a lot of articles published in this field. The titles of books written by him are as follows: "The Eternity of Colors", "Water’s Dance with Colors", " The Dream of Water ", “Flower of Efsun”, "Ebristanbul", “Black and White Marbling"," His Compassion"," Symmetry ","Those Blossomed in Ebristan", " Ebru, Art of The Turks", and "Ebru Artists, From Battal to Barut".

Barutçugil still continues his works at “Ebristan, İstanbul House of Ebru” he established in 1996, marbling on materials like paper, cloth, ceramic, glass, wood and wax, while applying Turkish traditional arts including calligraphy, illumination, miniature and binding.

The Silver Tulip Award was presented to Hikmet Barutçugil due to his contributions to the promotion and spreading of marbling art at home and abroad.